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The Geek Cred Holiday Special

In between Christmas and New Year’s still counts as the holidays, right?

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Because I Am Cruel and Have Crap Taste in Music – Actresses and Cabbies Don’t Mix


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The Lost Art of the Mix Tape – The Sausage Tape

This tape compilation comes not from Brian Bubonic, but from the lovely and talented Tina Garceau! This tape had been compiled somewhat more haphazardly than my brother’s tape mixes, but this one was recorded from old 45 RPM records complete … Continue reading

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Hey, Kids! It’s Santa Klaus!

This is my Christmas card from 1986. Xerox copies, newspaper letters, ink spattered with a toothbrush and Klaus Kinski. It’s what Christmas is all about!

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Because I Am Cruel And Have Crap Taste in Music – The Christmas Edition

Some audio nerd starts playing with the playback speed on a reel-to-reel deck and the result is novelty songs. Christmas is a minefield for novelty songs. Every jerkass deejay and washed up crooner with a cute idea commits some atrocity … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of the Mix Tape – Moak Enna Minnie

As I wrote before, Tina and I have been doing some either very late or very early Spring cleaning, and, in the process, came upon a bunch of old audio cassettes. This was the way we listened to music before … Continue reading

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Geek Cred Strikes Back

I continued to be a Star Wars Fan Club member through the first three films or the sequels or Episodes IV through VI or what ever they are currently called. I like to refer to them as the good ones. … Continue reading

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The BOARing Details

Here’s the pencil sketch of the boar character (sorry – I haven’t named him) from our most recent installment of Monkey & Bird. It was done in a wire-bound sketchbook with a indigo blue mechanical pencil which I wrote about … Continue reading

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Korla Pandit

Master of the keyboard!

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The Lost Art of the Mix Tape – Confuse Yo Neighbors

While I was doing some much needed de-cluttering, I came across a cache of audio cassettes. Most of them were pre-recorded detritus from the remainder bins of long lost chain record stores, but among them were the real treasures – … Continue reading

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