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Breaking out the Audio Cassettes

Lately I’ve been giving the internet radio stations and podcasts a rest in favor of the magic of analog tape. There’s a few audio cassettes sitting around work, and I bought a few more from home. The “portable” stereo I’m … Continue reading

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Today I am adding a new category so that I can share my love of radio drama — Mystery Matinee. Radio was king for a large portion of the twentieth century, and it was from radio where Americans received most … Continue reading

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The Original Re-Animator

I wish I could summon the late, great John Williams to do my intros like the one below which was a staple of UHF television and has stuck in my head for years. …but I digress. Imagine John Williams saying … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of the Mix Tape – Touch the Magic Organ

While I was doing some much needed de-cluttering, I came across a cache of old audio cassettes. Most of them were professional, pre-recorded crap I bought from the remainder bins of defunct chain record stores such as Sam Goody and … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of the Mix Tape – GO!

Here is another from an erratic series of tapes featuring an eclectic mix of music from the incomparable music aficionado Brian Bubonic. This one had a Speed Racer theme thus the title. Brian actually dated this one, and as you … Continue reading

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