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Join the swinging world of MUSIC!

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There may be OPPORTUNITY • What I Miss About Comics

I was never a fan of poetry so I can’t imagine soliciting the amateur efforts of scribes across the continental United States and Canada. Somebody at the mail drop was going to have to read these submissions whether they were … Continue reading

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Charlie Gracie 1936 – 2022

I was sad to discover that Charlie Gracie, whose song “Butterfly” was a huge hit in 1957, passed away on Saturday. I met him when I was a freelance photographer for a small local paper in 2016. I was covering … Continue reading

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Breaking out the Audio Cassettes

Lately I’ve been giving the internet radio stations and podcasts a rest in favor of the magic of analog tape. There’s a few audio cassettes sitting around work, and I bought a few more from home. The “portable” stereo I’m … Continue reading

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Preview of 2022

We saw this group of Mummers practicing for New Years Day along 2 Street this past weekend. I’m not sure what band this was, but they sounded great!

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I Want My Polka Music TV!

When I purchased my first Roku about 8 years ago I quickly became convinced that it was the best $60 I had ever spent. The house I moved into in the mid-1990s was wired throughout it’s three floors for cable, … Continue reading

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Looking South – The Royal Theater

I am mournful to report the obliteration of another piece of Philadelphia’s past. The Royal Theater on 15th and South was built in 1919, and showcased African American entertainers. While it may not be as historically significant as the city’s other gems, it was … Continue reading

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