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Today I am adding a new category so that I can share my love of radio drama — Mystery Matinee. Radio was king for a large portion of the twentieth century, and it was from radio where Americans received most … Continue reading

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In Praise of Physical Media

I’ve been kicking around ideas for this article for a while. Originally it was going to be one of my frugal/cheapskate posts, but recent events have changed it into something else. A friend of mine has done the unthinkable and … Continue reading

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The Post-Apocalypse on $5 a Day

As Halloween approaches, I continue to watch some of the bottom-of-the-barrel horror films that I used to watch on UHF television way back when. Movies like this were usually presented by a horror host and constantly interrupted by commercials for … Continue reading

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Don’t Feed Them After Midnight

It’s always the way: I am tearing the place apart looking for something which I never find but I uncover something which I had completely forgotten about. In this case I found a couple 0f pages of stickers promoting Joe … Continue reading

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Look-Out Sister!

This is a fascinating curio from the late 1940s that I discovered on the Internet Archive channel on my Roku box. It’s a low budget Western featuring an all black cast and starring The King of the Jukebox — Louis … Continue reading

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Never Say Never Again


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Giant Monsters at the Y

More aimless sketching at the YMCA. My son and I recently saw the big budget, American remake/reboot of the Japanese kaiju classic, and I guess the big G was floating around my brain and out through the end of my … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Experience?

The early ’80s was a curious time for movies with studios chasing down the movie that they would hope would be the record-breaking blockbuster. In the wake of Star Wars, science fiction and fantasy were in and all of the … Continue reading

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Plus Our Regular Features

Three features — a BARGAIN! I doubt if Windows had anything to do with operating systems on personal computers. I wonder if Wanda the Wicked Warden was as good as it’s alliterative title.

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The Girl Who Dared

One of the beefs that people level at Netflix’s streaming service is that there’s nothing to watch. I don’t know about that. While it’s true that the studios seem to be bickering with Netflix over how much their libraries are … Continue reading

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