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Movie Matinee — Baby Face (1933)

Today, thanks to the Internet Archive, I am offering up Baby Face from 1933 featuring the incomparable Barbara Stanwyck in a torrid, pre-code melodrama that IMDB describes as: A young woman, sexually exploited all her life, decides to turn the … Continue reading

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Give it a CHANCE

I’m writing this post to draw attention to a show of which I was completely unaware on a streaming platform that never held any appeal for me. The show is Chance and it is available on Hulu.

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Neck Wallet

I made this neck wallet over the weekend for a friend of mine who had her wallet stolen on a rush hour bus coming home from work. The thief unzipped her purse, removed the wallet, and zipped the purse back … Continue reading

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Dragnet into Darkness

Recognize the fellow on the right? Is that everybody’s favorite science officer from Vulcan? Or is it his evil, alternate universe doppelgänger from Mirror, Mirror? What’s he doing on Earth circa 1954? Is the guy on the left one of … Continue reading

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BJ – Like BJ Thomas, Right?

As I wrote last week, we had cable television in Southern New Jersey in the late 1970s so we did not have to suffer the garbage that the broadcast networks were airing in lieu of genuine entertainment. We were probably … Continue reading

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Tijuana Bible and Smut Peddling Ring – Today’s Sunday Matinee

This is a story from when cigarette advertising was perfectly legal, but underground comics were still underground. The story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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