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Bow Tie for Easter

My annual Easter bow tie for The Boy, who gets dressed up in a crisp white shirt for the holiday. If you’re interested in making one, there’s a tutorial here.

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Wawa Sewing Needles For People on the Go!

This is back in the days when you tried to stretch a dollar by making your belongings last. Before people started used buzzwords like renewable, recyclable, and sustainable – they would repair what they owned to save a buck. Or … Continue reading

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Lap Quilt

This is a lap quilt I made for a friend for Christmas. Laps quilts are perfect for cozying up on the sofa while watching movies or a nap companion. I chose the black fabric to make the colorful patterned fabric … Continue reading

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Our Biggest Hit

How To Sew An iPod Case – Part Deux Despite Apple’s ceasing production of iPods more than a year ago, this post continues to be our most popular. Maybe people are adopting the sewing pattern for use with cell phones, … Continue reading

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Making a Scarecrow for Halloween

In the past, Tina and I have built original Halloween costumes for our son that were usually in a lighter, more whimsical vein. Coin-operated vending machines based on cardboard boxes were our specialty, but now that our son is older … Continue reading

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A Bow Tie for Easter

It’s our annual tradition that I make a bow tie for the Boy to wear on Easter. I present this year’s model! Making bow ties is a terrific way to use up the smaller scraps in your fabric stash. There’s … Continue reading

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Cape Crusader Camera Case

Camera pouch I made for Joe’s new camera!

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