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Grow It or Sew It!

I saw this Santa Beard over at Snazzle Craft and thought it’d be a fun item to have around the house for the holidays. When I made a sparkly silver turban for my son’s Halloween costume a few years ago, … Continue reading

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Earrings For Summer

Summer is here. You know the drill – it’s hot, so you put your hair up – until September! And if you’re doing that, you may as well make yourself some pretty earrings that dangle. I used faceted beads for this … Continue reading

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2013 Italian Market Festival – Day Two

It’s the second day of the Italian Market Festival, and although it’s been raining on and off, it hasn’t dampened people’s spirits. The festivities will be going on until 5:00 today, so drop by and sample some of Isgro’s pastries!

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Datebook Cover

Remember in grade school when we used to cover our books in brown paper? This datebook cover is a fabric version of that. I stitched together some scraps of fabric I had lying around in my studio, wrapped it around … Continue reading

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Corralling the Remotes

Call me old fashioned – I long for the days when you needed to change the channel, you picked your carcass up off the sofa, walked over to the TV and turned the knob. Now everything has a remote – … Continue reading

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Fold Up Pencil Case

This is another pencil pouch I cooked up, unlike the last one I made that rolled up, this one folds flat. I used plastic canvas to add some stability for when it’s tossed into a bag. Folded up, it measures … Continue reading

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Checkbook Cover

Why use a plastic, bank issued, checkbook cover when you can make your own custom cover in no time!

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Printing On Fabric

This is a new technique that I’m chasing down. It’s essentially a clear “primer” that you can use to coat surfaces with so that they will accept printing from a digital inkjet printer. I made a greeting card with a … Continue reading

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