Corralling the Remotes

SewingHeaderFinal-JWRemoteCall me old fashioned – I long for the days when you needed to change the channel, you picked your carcass up off the sofa, walked over to the TV and turned the knob. Now everything has a remote – the TV, DVD player, Roku, Apple TV, ceiling fan – it’s crazy! The remotes were everywhere – on the coffee table, in bathrobe pockets, in between the cushions of the couch, under the couch, in the fridge. Something had to be done! I decided to make a remote holder and just for fun – I found some vintage TV sets and printed them on the pockets using Golden Digital Grounds. If you’re interested in printing on fabric go here.

This really isn’t a pattern written in stone. I measured the height of my remotes to determine the pockets, the width of the arm of my sofa (which was 7″ wide – yours may be wider or narrower) and planned accordingly. Also, not included in the measurements is an additional half inch around the perimeter for the hem.

RemotePatternHappy sewing!!!

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