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Shed on the Edge of the Woods

I have a feeling that this shot was probably taken at the same time and place as last week’s Sawdust Pile. It’s in a similarly wooded area that looks to be in the process of being cleared. Paths look to … Continue reading

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The Latest Thing on the Jean Scene!

Hello, one and all! It’s Mrs. Crankipants bidding you a joyous greeting from a time before the internet, a time of three television networks, a time of diminishing expectations and a time that a million hack comedians were all attempting … Continue reading

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Heaven & Hell Cake

Heaven on your fork, hell to make. Here’s hoping you like your kitchen, you’re gonna be in there for a while! All kidding aside, this is an amazing cake. The brainchild of chef Stephan Pyles – devil’s food and angel … Continue reading

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Elvis, Roy, & Elvis

First of all, let me just say – God help me, I’m the mother of a teenager. You people out there with babies listen up – when strangers in the supermarket coo over your child and tell you to enjoy … Continue reading

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It’s All in the Details

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Sawdust Pile?

When I first got the glass negatives that comprise what I call The Capewell Glass Negative Collection, they were in glass plate boxes similar to the one pictured below. This is one of the few that were labeled by the … Continue reading

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Barkcloth Drawstring Bag

This is a sewing project that I’ve been working on here and there with some barkcloth I found while cleaning my studio. I’m loving the huge outside pocket, which is perfect for my phone, lipstick, subway tokens, and keys. I’ll … Continue reading

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