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Washington Park upon a Frozen Delaware River

Last week I assumed I had a picture of men plowing snow. As it turned out, my assumption was false, and it turned out to be a team of ice cutters. With this week’s photo, I was reasonably sure that … Continue reading

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Claire’s Sewing Machine

Claire was an elderly neighbor of my friend Bill’s who passed away. Her family was looking to clear out her home, among her belongings was this wonderful sewing machine – they offered it to Bill. Since Bill doesn’t sew – I’ve got … Continue reading

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Cranberry Coffee Cake

When the bag of cranberries I put away at Thanksgiving fell out of my overstuffed freezer, I took that as a sign to bake something with it. I was in the mood for coffee cake, so I did some rooting … Continue reading

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Son of Sketchbook From Hell

I was up tending to my long neglected third floor studio trying to cut a path through the clutter so I could get some work done when I uncovered another forgotten, hardbound sketchbook on a shelf in a closet. At … Continue reading

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Last Night on Pembroke Avenue

This is the scene last night on Pembroke Avenue as I waited for the bus headed to 69th Street. Usually potential snow events are treated as if the apocalypse loomed by the local media. I didn’t notice any Chicken Littles … Continue reading

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The Aviatrix

Twenty third in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Snow Plough

Here’s a photograph John B. Capewell made of a cold and snowy Winter’s day about 100 or years ago or so. Back then a plough served two purposes. It mainly ploughed farm fields which were plentiful in New Jersey at … Continue reading

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Datebook Cover

Remember in grade school when we used to cover our books in brown paper? This datebook cover is a fabric version of that. I stitched together some scraps of fabric I had lying around in my studio, wrapped it around … Continue reading

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