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Let’s Start the New Year Right!

One minute to midnight One minute to go One minute to say good-bye Before we say hello Let’s start the new year right Twelve o’clock tonight When they dim the light Let’s begin Kissing the old year out Kissing the … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Bread

When there are no more carbs left in your diet, the Bread shall walk the Earth!

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The Yellow Rose of Rodman

I spied this on my way home from work on a frigid Christmas Eve. Rodman Street is in between Lombard and South Streets in Philadelphia, PA.

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Photoshoot Outtakes

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Good Doggie

John B. Capewell shot a number of photographs of his family in front of this corn field which was probably in Westville, New Jersey where the Capewells resided. Back then New Jersey lived up to it’s name of The Garden … Continue reading

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Beneath Broad Street

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The Christmas Card Photo Shoot

The holiday season was upon us and it was time to make the annual Christmas card. I took the bull by the horns, I had grand plans, yes indeed! It was all perfectly art directed in my head – neutral … Continue reading

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Assembling the PC that will become a Mac

Originally, I thought I would painstakingly and carefully document the construction of this small PC and this post would be a visual guide to newbies such as myself. That did not happen. The obsession with the process and eagerness to … Continue reading

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Creamsicle Cookies

This year I’ve gone off the beaten path a bit and added a few new items to my cookie tins. These creamsicle cookies were a huge hit with my in-house cookie testers. They’re easy to put together, and the combination … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake Cookies

I’ve been on a carrot cake kick lately, so I thought I’d add these carrot cake cookies to my holiday cookie boxes. They’re moist, studded with with raisins, with a sweet cream cheese filling – and let’s face it – … Continue reading

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