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DIY Pop-Tarts!

I was thinking I would make a pancake and bacon breakfast in honor of Joe’s birthday, but it felt all sorts of wrong. How could I make him a card that was a tribute to his love of Pop-Tarts and … Continue reading

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Birthdays and Pop-Tart Deprivation

This card was partially inspired by the folks who discover the image of Jesus on their toast and Joe’s current obsession with blueberry Pop-Tarts. Growing up, Joe’s Mom didn’t care that Lucky Charms were magically delicious, she bought Cheerios. And … Continue reading

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Smile for the Camera…Oh, never mind.

I’m guessing, but this looks to be John B. Capewell’s brother-in-law, niece who showed up in last week’s photo and sister. It looks like they’re shot in the same room as last week’s shot only this trio is a little … Continue reading

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Snow Baby


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Pear Raspberry Galette

This is one of the desserts I served on Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure that galette translated means “I seem to have misplaced my pie plate”. No matter, all you need is some pie dough, fruit, sugar, a little flour and … Continue reading

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The Girl with the Buddy Holly Glasses and the Betty Page Hair

This was a gal I saw on the Market-Frankford El that got off of the train somewhere in University City. I scribbled down a quick sketch, and I did this on the way home from memory on the El.

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Thanks, Kyle!

Thanks to Kyle Skrinak of Skrinak Creative, Willceau Illo News is now back in the land of the living! Thanks, Kyle!

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