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Bow Tie for the Boy

Every year at Easter, I make a bow tie for The Boy. This year, I let him go through my fabric stash, and he selected this ancient swatch of fabric for this year’s tie. I think he did a good … Continue reading

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Taking Holiday Orders

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Our 19th wedding anniversary was drawing near, and I was in a panic! It’s our tradition to make cards for each other, and I wanted to give Joe a special, classy gift – a portrait of us trapped in a … Continue reading

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Love is Lovelier…

…the second time around!Here are the two Hackintoshes or CustoMacs I’ve built. They are PCs I’ve put together, and on which I’ve installed Apple’s OS. For most all intents and purposes, they act and operate just like Macs. On top … Continue reading

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It was around Christmas time when Apple was rolling out their modern marvel of industrial design, the black and beautiful Mac Pro, and my good friend Dan was starting to get an itch for a new toy. He liked the … Continue reading

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Foaming Hand Soap

Every week, I make a grocery list – sometimes it gets left behind on the kitchen table. Such was the case last week when the hand soap was running low in the bathroom and the kitchen – and I forgot … Continue reading

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DIY Shaving Cream

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and I thought making homemade shaving cream would be a fun project for the kids in my son’s class. We split up the duties – they measured the ingredients, took turns with the … Continue reading

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