Son of Sketchbook From Hell

it-came-from-the-SB-banner-2I was up tending to my long neglected third floor studio trying to cut a path through the clutter so I could get some work done when I uncovered another forgotten, hardbound sketchbook on a shelf in a closet. At first I thought it was one of Tina’s, but when I opened it, I recognized the chicken scratch within as my own. I had forgotten all about it.
sonofsketchbookI flipped through this almost square, 8 inch by 7.25 inch, hardbound sketchbook, and it all came back to me. Oh, yeah, this was another sketchbook that seemed like a good idea when I bought it, but never worked out that way in practice. It was The Son of The Sketchbook From HELL!

The first drawing in it was from December 28, 1988. The last entry is a little over three years later – January 24, 1992 – and nothing after that for the next 21 years.

worn-cornerI must have carried it around a lot because it’s fairly worn. Once again I thought I would jot down something brilliant in my travels so I made sure to always have it on me. Sadly, the pages between the covers show no trace of brilliance. It’s mainly scratchy and crude little sketches for freelance assignments that I vaguely remember. There’s notes written here and there; doodles that died mid-drawing and a truly awful self-promotional idea that fortunately never saw the light of day. This book makes the original Sketchbook from Hell seem like a masterpiece in comparison. Of interest was a cut-out picture of Tom Jones on the inside front cover:


…and a tiny dragon drawing done in Alvin Penstix and colored pencil.

dragon-headThe rest is utterly forgettable which is probably the reason I forgot about it.

There’s about twenty blank pages left in it, and I’ll take this to and from work and attempt to redeem it and myself with a halfway decent drawing. If something good comes of the remaining pages, I’ll post them here. Stay tuned!

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  1. JT says:

    Perhaps you had an inkling ……a glimpse…..of the future…..

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    Great video! Thanks, JT!

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