Dymo-Mite Tapewriter

Sometimes the old way of doing things is the best way.

It was a sad day when my old Dymo label maker broke. For those who don’t know, a Dymo label maker is a hand held, hand powered device that makes embossed labels on a small, adhesive backed strip of tape. 30 to 50 years ago the little embossed labels were everywhere in a variety of colors. It seemed that everybody had one and the labels could be found in libraries, garages, retail, the military, you name it.

The great thing about these label makers was that you could throw it in a drawer and forget about it for a couple of years only to have it ready to go when needed. No dead batteries to contend with. No egregiously expensive ink to purchase. It was like a screwdriver or hammer in that it was there waiting patiently until there was a need for it. If you had a spool or two of labeling tape, you were set for years. I resisted buying a new Dymo label maker because they don’t make them like they used to, and I had one of those electronic label makers that a friend gave me. The problem with the new-fangled labeller is that it takes six AAA batteries — SIX — and the labels don’t have the tactile pleasure of the old Dymo labels. Who wants to hunt down batteries for a little label that should take two minutes?

Then Brian Bubonic mailed me one of his estate sale finds. My guess is that this DYMO-MITE TAPEWRITER outlived it’s former owner, and from the look and feel of it’s sturdy build some future descendant of mine will be gleefully punching out beautifully embossed labels as long as he or she can get their hands on the tape.

The company that sold this particular device probably when Eisenhower was in the White House still exists. Menke Marking Devices has been in business since 1945 and they specialize in signage and labeling equipment for industry. I doubt if they can be reached by this old exchange though.

Thanks, Brian! I don’t think I’ll need another label maker, but keep your eye out for half-inch label tape.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    I’d check Menke, they just might still carry it! 🙂

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