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The Astounding She-Monster

…and I am astounded at what I will sit through. Amazon’s Prime Video appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. They seem to be topping off their video offerings with a lot of classic movies that I was … Continue reading

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Dymo-Mite Tapewriter

Sometimes the old way of doing things is the best way.

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A Girl and Her Dog

Another negative from our family photo collection from the early 1950s. I chose it because I thought it was a wonderful portrait of my father’s youngest sister, Ann Marie and his faithful dog, Teddy. Unlike the others, this particular negative … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!!!

This year’s concept was Joe’s – a working vintage TV set! There will be more photos to come, and hopefully some video – stay tuned!

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Shish Kebobs and Pink Carrots

This tablecloth was given to me by my neighbor, Lydia several years ago. I had tucked it away in a drawer in my china cabinet under a stack of serving platters and forgot I had it! Needless to say, rediscovering … Continue reading

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Lydia’s Tablecloth

A few weeks ago, we lost a good neighbor. Lydia was 93 years old and had lived her entire life in a three story brick row home on our street. Her house was as neat as a pin, she did … Continue reading

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Black Friday Beckons or Tis The Season to Be Stressful

Time flies. Somebody said something in work about the coming week being short, and then it dawned on me that it’s THANKSGIVING! That means that Christmas is right around the corner! Oh, crap! So soon? Don’t we still have Halloween … Continue reading

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Tijuana Bible and Smut Peddling Ring – Today’s Sunday Matinee

This is a story from when cigarette advertising was perfectly legal, but underground comics were still underground. The story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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Sunday Matinee – A is for Atom

The story of the Swedish man who built an atom smasher in his apartment made me think of this little educational gem created by General Electric to introduce and educate American students in the wonders of atomic power. It’s animated … Continue reading

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Sunday Matinee – Lee Marvin as Health Food Nut/Serial Killer

Hello, one and all. It’s Mrs. Crankipants again with another Sunday Matinee. Once again, I’m featuring another teevee show rather than those Godawful, grade Z horror movies that the regular guy likes so much. Mrs Crankipants likes her television. She … Continue reading

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Flee For Your Lives!!!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters was this year’s theme for Lloyd’s birthday party.

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Korla Pandit

Master of the keyboard!

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