Elvis, Roy, & Elvis


First of all, let me just say – God help me, I’m the mother of a teenager. You people out there with babies listen up – when strangers in the supermarket coo over your child and tell you to enjoy it and how fast it goes by, pull yourselves out of your 2 am feeding induced comas and take heed. Just a few years ago, my kid looked like this:


Photo by Peter Leary

Now he’s a little over 5’8″, wears a size ten shoe, and I’m seriously considering getting him a Norelco Speedshaver for Christmas. Yeah, my head is spinning.

The inspiration for this year’s birthday crown – Elvis, Roy, and Elvis came from the music Lloyd is currently listening to. He discovers a song that he likes, and uses it as a springboard to find other music and artists, he doesn’t limit himself to any particular time period or genre. Obviously!

Happy birthday Lloyd!

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2 Responses to Elvis, Roy, & Elvis

  1. Happy Birthday Lloyd!!!Thirteen; Wow! My, how time flies!

  2. Tina says:

    Yep, driving lessons in three years!!!

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