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swingy-headerHello, one and all! It’s Mrs. Crankipants bidding you a joyous greeting from a time before the internet, a time of three television networks, a time of diminishing expectations and a time that a million hack comedians were all attempting to make it rich doing impressions of the current president. It was 1973, and at the very least, I had my swingy denim jean bag!

denim-bagce-12-1973This was an ad that appeared in an issue of Current Events from  December of 1973. Current Events was a cheaply printed news publication presented by Xerox and distributed to grade school classrooms under the guise of being a supplement to a civics or social studies course. It had news and entertainment articles aimed at children in between ads for paperback books, encyclopedias and the jean bag above. I think it’s real purpose was to give teachers a chance to smoke a butt or catch 20 winks in the teachers’ lounge while the kiddies were reading about oil embargoes, inflation and once in a lifetime events that they would surely tell their grandchildren about:

KohoutekI hate to be all been there, done that with you youngsters, but I knew that Mayan Apocalypse wouldn’t amount to much. It’s all been downhill since Kohoutek fizzled.

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4 Responses to The Latest Thing on the Jean Scene!

  1. Lori says:

    I completely forgot about Current Events! Since I didn’t own a fantastic sdjb, what does “a never-any-lag bag” mean? Is it explained in the small print?

  2. Tina says:

    Sadly, no it doesn’t – the copywriters probably liked that it rhymed.

    It is big enough to tote your records and magazines to a friend’s house, and on vacation it makes a terrific swag-bag for souvenirs!

    Oh why did we not purchase these when we had the chance?

  3. Lori says:

    But other words ryhme with bag: drag, brag, rag, gag…
    Speaking of gag, it’s from Spencers Gifts but the price was right, $3.99 and only 50c shiping & handling. I also “like” that there are “quotable” words in the text. And that it’s CAMPY.

  4. Tina says:

    It was a bargain when you consider that your name was “branded” on a leather patch. I wonder if there’s a Spencer’s museum in AC?

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