Dragnet into Darkness

movie-matinee-headerRecognize the fellow on the right?

Nimoy-lineupIs that everybody’s favorite science officer from Vulcan? Or is it his evil, alternate universe doppelgänger from Mirror, Mirror? What’s he doing on Earth circa 1954? Is the guy on the left one of the hapless red-shirted security personnel doomed to be killed by the primitive Earth people?

It turns out that he is part of a team of strong-arm robbers in an episode of Dragnet titled The Big Boys. Watch it for yourself embedded below or head over to the Internet Archive to stream it or download it. It’s in the public domain so it’s absolutely free!

Starship? 23rd Century? Prime Directive?
This is Los Angeles, buster! I’ve heard it all!

Of interest is a video interview with Leonard Nimoy where he discusses being a hungry, young kid in Hollywood and working television shows like Dragnet. Find it HERE.

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