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Roses and Corn

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So How Did That Go?

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It Was Twenty Years Ago Today…

Today marks the 20th anniversary of our first date. I made this card to celebrate the occasion.

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Friday Five – Number Thirty Nine

 Thirty-ninth in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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A Family in the Shade

John Capewell is again photographer and subject of this glass negative. He’s in the back on the far left. He is activating his camera’s shutter with a length of string although he’s done a better job of hiding the string … Continue reading

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Turquoise, Red, and Green

I love turquoise jewelry in the summer, maybe because its color reminds me of pools. I had these turquoise beads in my bead box for a long time, and tried a few different pairings with various beads before settling on … Continue reading

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

The first time I tried a pulled pork sandwich was at a street fair, and it was love at first bite! Shredded pork, with a tomatoey* BBQ sauce that had a kick of hot to it. They served it on … Continue reading

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