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January In July

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Three Berry Pie

The best part about summer – other than going to the pool, are Jersey tomatoes, corn, and ripe berries. On Saturday I picked up strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries for a fruit salad. Then I remembered there was pie dough in … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Sell the World Some Seeds

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You’re probably wondering why I have a plastic beefcake figurine perched on a row of cupcakes. Is it Rex Reed’s birthday? Nope. The reason is today marks the 4th Anniversary of Willceau Illo News!!! We’ve always referred to it as … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number Forty One

Forty first in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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On a Hill by the Water

Here’s a shot of John Capewell’s wife, Ella, on the far right, a trio of children and an older woman who may be Ella’s mother all sitting in the shade by a river or a lake.

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Collecting Hazel Atlas Jam Jars

It all started in an antique store. I spied a cute little sugar bowl and snapped it up for five dollars. It was painted white milk glass and unmarked, so I assumed it was Pyrex or Fire King. A few … Continue reading

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