Collecting Hazel Atlas Jam Jars


It all started in an antique store. I spied a cute little sugar bowl and snapped it up for five dollars. It was painted white milk glass and unmarked, so I assumed it was Pyrex or Fire King. A few months later, I found another at a street sale and bought that one too – if the original broke, I’d have a back-up. Then I discovered eBay, lost my mind, and my collection grew!

I found out from an eBay listing that my apple sugar bowls were manufactured by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company in 1938 – 1939. After doing some research, I learned that they were jam jars given away to promote Corn Kix cereal. There is also debate as to whether it is an apple or a peach – apple hybrids weren’t available in the 1930s. Apples were either red or yellow – so some claim that it was intended to be a peach. Ah well, they look like apples to me!


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