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It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Long before the overstuffed, CGI abominations such as The Day After Tomorrow and Man of Steel which I refer to as disaster porn and four decades before the disaster cycle of films of the ’70s such as The Towering Inferno … Continue reading

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Look-Out Sister!

This is a fascinating curio from the late 1940s that I discovered on the Internet Archive channel on my Roku box. It’s a low budget Western featuring an all black cast and starring The King of the Jukebox — Louis … Continue reading

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Robbie the Robot Meets Mr. C

As I’ve written before finding something to watch on Netflix has been proving to be more of a challenge than it’s worth. The tedious scrolling through titles of little interest has chased me to some of the stranger and more … Continue reading

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Roller Derby Circa 1949: New Jersey Vs Philadelphia

Here’s a treat from the dawn of broadcast television I found while trawling the Internet Archive on my Roku box. It’s the ROLLER DERBY!

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Zombacalypse NOW

Last week I looked at the legendarily bad Plan 9 From Outer Space and the sadly forgotten Invisible Invaders both of which are forerunners to the modern zombie genre that George Romero kicked off with his classic Night of the … Continue reading

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