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Look-Out Sister!

This is a fascinating curio from the late 1940s that I discovered on the Internet Archive channel on my Roku box. It’s a low budget Western featuring an all black cast and starring The King of the Jukebox — Louis … Continue reading

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Robbie the Robot Meets Mr. C

As I’ve written before finding something to watch on Netflix has been proving to be more of a challenge than it’s worth. The tedious scrolling through titles of little interest has chased me to some of the stranger and more … Continue reading

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Roller Derby Circa 1949: New Jersey Vs Philadelphia

Here’s a treat from the dawn of broadcast television I found while trawling the Internet Archive on my Roku box. It’s the ROLLER DERBY!

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Zombacalypse NOW

Last week I looked at the legendarily bad Plan 9 From Outer Space and the sadly forgotten Invisible Invaders both of which are forerunners to the modern zombie genre that George Romero kicked off with his classic Night of the … Continue reading

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This Sunday Matinee is Brought to You by Vanquish

This week we switch from movies to television and we switch presenters from Joe to Mrs. Crankipants, so take it away Mrs C! Hello, boys and girls! Where’s that kid that was supposed to bring me my drink? Tired of … Continue reading

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