This Sunday Matinee is Brought to You by Vanquish

This week we switch from movies to television and we switch presenters from Joe to Mrs. Crankipants, so take it away Mrs C!

Hello, boys and girls!

Where’s that kid that was supposed to bring me my drink?

Tired of those crappy old horror films that Joe has been bringing you? Well, Mrs. C is here to make it all better, and if not all better, at least more interesting!

This week’s feature is a 1967 episode of Love Is A Many Splendored Thing. As a youngin’, I bonded with my grandmother over our stories. We probably watched this very episode together back then. I attribute soap operas as the beginning of my love affair with bad acting and cheesy sets.
The announcer states that THIS CBS PROGRAM is in living color, unfortunately somebody got their wires crossed, and it’s in black and white – which technically is a color, no? Didn’t matter to us, at the time all we had was a black and white Zenith in a blonde cabinet with a black, ceramic panther on top.
The cherry on the top, of course are the vintage commercials, like the one for Vanquish. A woman struggles to get through her wedding rehearsal, and is failing miserably due to a persistent headache. It’s easy to see why. Her finance is a boring, vanilla-looking nimrod with game show host hair. Oh, and get this – he just happened to have a bottle of Vanquish in his pocket. You may delude yourself that Mr. Wonderful is a man who is always prepared and concerned for your well being. But the sad reality is, he’s thinking “Bitch better get over that headache by tomorrow night!”
So watch and enjoy all of the dried-up, perfectly coiffed wealthy matriarchs, the ascot wearing confirmed bachelors, the hip and happening young people in their hip and happening young people pad with exposed brick and commercials for stuff to give the kids when they’re plugged up. Enjoy!

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  1. Joe Williams says:

    At 14:17 on the video, there is a Lux commercial which you just gotta see!

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