Robbie the Robot Meets Mr. C

As I’ve written before finding something to watch on Netflix has been proving to be more of a challenge than it’s worth. The tedious scrolling through titles of little interest has chased me to some of the stranger and more obscure channels available on the Roku. While surfing, I found the curio that I am writing about today.

The screen capture above is from a February 18, 1956 episode of The Perry Como Show which featured what is probably Robbie the Robot’s first appearance. Everybody’s familiar with Robbie being that the suit has been recycled throughout movies and TV shows for the past six decades, but he was brand new back then! Robbie was on with Anne Francis promoting the soon-to-be released science fiction extravaganza Forbidden Planet. As is the case with a lot of variety shows, Anne, Robbie and the show’s other guests join in comedy and musical bits throughout the show. It’s an interesting little piece of sci-fi history.

The program can be watched in it’s entirety below. If you prefer, you can head over to The Internet Archive and download it or watch it streaming there.

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2 Responses to Robbie the Robot Meets Mr. C

  1. Old NFO says:

    Wow, I vaguely remember that… scary… LOL

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    It got me when I realized that Robbie was new and had never been seen before.

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