Getting Out of Dodge for a Day

The Narberth 2My son and I wanted to take in the latest Spider-Man movie, but we decided a change in venue was in order. We decided to take a short commuter train trip to the township of Narberth in Montgomery County to catch a matinee. We were operating within train and bus schedules so we had some time to explore the town which has a small but lively commercial district including the movie theater. Fortunately, it was an unseasonably nice day so we were able to wander around comfortably in light jackets.  All in all, the town felt like the NPR version of the movie Pleasantville.

The Narberth 2 was all right. It looks and feels like an old movie theater except it has digital projection and a pretty decent sound system. I was hoping it would have a velvet curtain that parted prior to the show, but there was no such luck.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the Spider-Man movie. I thought super-hero movies had run their course and were on the way out, but it was pretty good. There’s still life left in that wall crawling web-head!

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Road trips are a good thing!

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