The Lost Art of the Mix Tape – Touch the Magic Organ

The Magic Organ - Homemade Tape Compilation

While I was doing some much needed de-cluttering, I came across a cache of old audio cassettes. Most of them were professional, pre-recorded crap I bought from the remainder bins of defunct chain record stores such as Sam Goody and Strawberries. Most of these tapes were cheap cut-outs, but among this audio clutter were the real treasures – the homemade music compilations or mix tapes. I threw a few on a tape player, and, despite the hiss, I realized how much I missed tape compilations.

Pictured above is Touch the Magic Organ which my brother – the incomparable Brian Bubonic – made back in 1996. This was part of a themed wedding gift Brian had crafted with his own hands. The main part of the gift was a little curio cabinet which I will save for another blog post.

Mix Tape Side A Track List

Touch the Magic Organ – Side A

Mix Tape Side B Track List

Touch the Magic Organ – Side B

It was another wonderfully weird collection from Brian’s enormous stockpile of sound, but the best part was the cover featuring the late, great fixture of Philadelphia television and organist extraordinaire, Larry Ferrari. Our parents took us to a live broadcast of Dialing for Dollars back in the 1970s where we met Mr. Ferrari who was very nice and very generous with his time. I scored an autographed photo which Brian xeroxed and colored for the cover. You can see the original HERE.

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  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Must. Resist. Double. Entendre!

  2. Joe Williams says:

    Don’t hold back for our sakes.

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