Mystery Matinee

Today I am adding a new category so that I can share my love of radio drama — Mystery Matinee. Radio was king for a large portion of the twentieth century, and it was from radio where Americans received most of their news and entertainment. There was a lot of original programming such as musical variety shows and situation comedies, but occasionally a motion picture would be adapted as a somewhat condensed audio play. Such is the case with Lux Soap’s presentation of Gaslight.

Gaslight tells the story of a woman who unknowingly weds a villain who attempts to drive her insane by making her doubt the evidence of her own ears and eyes. It was based on a stage play and was filmed twice in the 1940s. The first version was made in England in 1940 and can be viewed online. The second, more famous version of the story was made in America with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. That cast was reassembled to produce the radio version you can listen to below.

Click on the little arrow on the left above.

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