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50¢ Quick Disguise

You too can disguise yourself as an adult film star for only half a buck! The lovely Miss G shot this today at the super market.

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Behind the Scenes with The Talented and Terrific Tina G.

In the latest installment of Monkey & Bird, the talented Tina G worked some of her raster and vector magic in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I needed a label for our baboon’s bottle of booze so she did a … Continue reading

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Bespectacled Baboon Browbeats Brother ‘Bout Booze

Swing on over to CO2 Comics and catch the latest installment of Monkey & Bird!  Mickey the Monkey & Sylvia the Bird are on their second date, and they are at the movies watching The Lost Baboon Weekend. Watch it … Continue reading

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Geek Cred Across the 8th Dimension

It was 1984 and the Star Wars saga had finished up. I couldn’t get too worked up about the Star Trek films which were hit-or-miss. Indiana Jones was doused pretty quickly with the overstuffed second film. What else was there?

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Because I am Cruel and Have Crap Taste in Music – Particularly Cruel and Unusual Edition

This post fills me with shame and self-loathing. I am sick that I am posting this, but you see, your honor, I had no choice. I never did. It’s a compulsion. It’s sick and twisted, but I just can’t help … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of the Mix Tape – GO!

Here is another from an erratic series of tapes featuring an eclectic mix of music from the incomparable music aficionado Brian Bubonic. This one had a Speed Racer theme thus the title. Brian actually dated this one, and as you … Continue reading

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Geek Cred Best Served Cold

Shall we expect REVENGE when the Jedi RETURN? When they RETURN, are they going to dole out any REVENGE? How’s Luke making out with the Bionic hand? Can he open beers without an opener? Does he still need an oven … Continue reading

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