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Product Tampering

This is a follow-up to my article regarding my declining ardor for streaming services. What I adored in it’s infancy has grown into a fairly ugly and bratty child. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for streaming entertainment’s … Continue reading

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Truck Mascot – The Imperial Edition

This poor slob is from a movie that’s less than a year old and here he is lashed to a SEPTA service truck stopped at 11th & Wharton. Being a Stormtrooper™ has got to be a crappy job.

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Slaves to Star Wars

Star Wars’ place in the annals of film, fantasy and fandom history is undeniable, and I have no doubt that the film has inspired countless careers in the arts and generated more breathtaking illustrative and sculptural works than any other … Continue reading

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Cylons is Golden

Sorry. I can’t resist a pun, and I’ve been itching to use this since the late 1970s.

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The Lone Star State – an Inch at a Time

Back before you could name your very own star supposedly all official-like, you could own a Mini-ranch measuring one inch square in the great state of Texas. For two bucks you would get a legal deed to your real estate … Continue reading

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Past Tense?

Sorry, Parker Stevenson! The joke was too obvious to pass up!

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I find your lack of faith…disturbing.

Walking to work on trash days I’m noticing a certain disenchantment with my favorite of all holidays before the day has even arrived!

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What Do Luke Skywalker and Buddy Holly Have In Common?

  Hello, one and all, it’s Mrs. Crankipants, and unless you’re in a coma or think V.O. is part of a complete breakfast, you know it’s that time of year again!. It’s the Fall! If you’re a parent, you’re probably … Continue reading

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Tee-Shirts That Will Get You Kicked Out of Class

Hey, Kids, What Time is It? It’s Labor Day meaning that the first day back to school has just about arrived. Sorry, Alice, but SCHOOL‘S IN FOR AUTUMN. Yes, PLENITUDES of pencils. PLENITUDES of books. PLENITUDES of teacher’s dirty looks. … Continue reading

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Geek Cred Best Served Cold

Shall we expect REVENGE when the Jedi RETURN? When they RETURN, are they going to dole out any REVENGE? How’s Luke making out with the Bionic hand? Can he open beers without an opener? Does he still need an oven … Continue reading

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The Geek Cred Holiday Special

In between Christmas and New Year’s still counts as the holidays, right?

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Geek Cred Strikes Back

I continued to be a Star Wars Fan Club member through the first three films or the sequels or Episodes IV through VI or what ever they are currently called. I like to refer to them as the good ones. … Continue reading

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Geek Cred

Yes, I was among the first wave of fan club members back in 1977. I used to carry this in my wallet as if that was going to grant me entree into special or unusual events or situations sort of … Continue reading

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