Everything is Better than Star Wars

This is a scan of an insert from the DVD package of Shock Waves, a movie originally released the same year as Star Wars which also starred Peter Cushing. Star Wars was a huge success and it did change the way that movies are financed, made and marketed, but it can be argued that it is not the greatest science fiction movie ever made. On the other hand, Shock Waves is the greatest underwater Nazi zombie movie ever made!

First Movie Poster I Ever BoughtI used to collect movie posters back when the movie studios and advertising agencies used illustrations and movie posters were worth collecting. I do have the Star Wars “B” sheet which was used some time during while the film was still in theaters. It was back before home video so it played in theaters for well over a year. I liked that “B” sheet poster a lot more than the original Star Wars poster by the Hildebrandt brothers, but I would trade them both for an original Shock Waves poster. I think I would have it professionally framed.

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