The Lone Star State – an Inch at a Time

COMICS-HEADTexas-RanchBack before you could name your very own star supposedly all official-like, you could own a Mini-ranch measuring one inch square in the great state of Texas. For two bucks you would get a legal deed to your real estate and a map indicating it’s whereabouts.

I wonder if the deeds still stand.

The Mini-Ranch ad appeared in Marvel Presents No. 11 featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy soon to be a film which Marvel, Disney and every comic fan site is hyping the holy horse puckey out of as if it will be the greatest cinematic achievement of all time.

MP-11-1977However, this comic does not appear to be the same Guardians of the Galaxy that will ultimately adorn a million school backpacks and have a soft drink tie in. This unenthusiastically drawn knockoff of the Green Lantern Corps and The Legion of Superheroes was published in 1977 well before the comics of which the new film is based.

MP-11-1977-p1According to Wikipedia, there is some vague connection between these Guardians and the newer Guardians that will be impossible to escape next summer. My guess is that this old Guardians series failed due to a lack of interest from either creators or readers, but the name was trademarked or copyrighted and too good to just collect dust. You can’t let something with alliterative G’s just fade away.

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