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D&D Dice

Geek Cred RETURNS with a scan of a little bag filled with my brother’s Dungeons and Dragons dice! It’s amazing to think how popular this non-computerized game was back in the 70s and early 80s. Of course, computer games consisted … Continue reading

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From the Disco to the Outer Limits of Space!

It’s an ad from an old Creepy magazine which was a Warren publication. Warren also published Famous Monsters and Eerie which, like spinning racks of comic books in drug stores, are in the dustbin of history.

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Holy High Tops, Batman!!!

Geek Cred returns with this fabulous pair of canvas sneakers emblazoned with the Batman logo! These Converse Sneakers were released to coincide with the 1989 Tim Burton movie. After the movie’s release, and the VHS tape’s release, and the VHS … Continue reading

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Geek Cred Across the 8th Dimension

It was 1984 and the Star Wars saga had finished up. I couldn’t get too worked up about the Star Trek films which were hit-or-miss. Indiana Jones was doused pretty quickly with the overstuffed second film. What else was there?

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The Geek Cred Holiday Special

In between Christmas and New Year’s still counts as the holidays, right?

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Geek Cred Strikes Back

I continued to be a Star Wars Fan Club member through the first three films or the sequels or Episodes IV through VI or what ever they are currently called. I like to refer to them as the good ones. … Continue reading

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Geek Cred

Yes, I was among the first wave of fan club members back in 1977. I used to carry this in my wallet as if that was going to grant me entree into special or unusual events or situations sort of … Continue reading

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