Holy High Tops, Batman!!!

Geek Cred returns with this fabulous pair of canvas sneakers emblazoned with the Batman logo!

Bat Sneakers

These Converse Sneakers were released to coincide with the 1989 Tim Burton movie. After the movie’s release, and the VHS tape’s release, and the VHS tape finding a home in Blockbuster’s previously viewed rack, and HBO playing the movie to death, The Asian World of Martial Arts (formerly on Arch Street in Philadelphia) had a huge stock of these and the Joker sneakers. The store priced these sneakers to sell for the incredible price of $7.00 a pair! I missed my chance at the Joker sneakers as the average sizes sold out very quickly. Fortunately, there were plenty of Bat-Chucks left when I got there so I snagged myself a pair. I still have them and only wear them on special occasions. Strangely, I don’t get invited to very many special occasions.

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