Geek Cred Strikes Back

The Empire STrikes Back patch

I continued to be a Star Wars Fan Club member through the first three films or the sequels or Episodes IV through VI or what ever they are currently called. I like to refer to them as the good ones. Along with the monthly newsletter, fan club members also received posters, trinkets, stills and patches such as the one pictured above.

I think I probably still had the membership card in my mostly empty wallet when I received this patch in the mail. It was probably late 1979 or early 1980 and I either had gained the sense not to have it sewn on a jacket or was too embarrassed to ask my Mom to do so. It was probably a real good idea being that this was the photo on my school I.D. I don’t doubt that not having the patch proudly adorning some jacket or other wearable saved me from a judicious beating or, at the very least, a severe critique of my personal foibles and quirks by the academic cream of South Jersey’s high school crop. So instead, I placed the patch back in the plastic it arrived in and it’s been there for a little over three decades

For the curious, here’s part of the ad detailing all of the swag fan club members received along with the monthly newsletter for only five bucks!

Yes, I still have all of this crap.

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