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I Want My Roku TV!

This is Tina’s birthday card to me for 2010. It’s another one of her brilliant digital collages. Tina usually bases the card on whatever my current obsession may be (it seems there is never a shortage!) This year she’s ribbing … Continue reading

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The Picture Says It All!

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Sweets for the Sweet

Mickey and Sylvia wend their way to the snack stand as Monkey & Bird continues at CO2 Comics! Will our couple decide on a snack? Will they go into hock paying for it? Will the movie be in focus? Find … Continue reading

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The Worm-Mobile

Having talked to my brother Charles, I knew all about the contraption that he converted from an electric scooter for his son Brian’s use, but on Saturday during the Philly ALS Walk, I got to witness The Worm-Mobile in all … Continue reading

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Another Gathering of Worm’s Warriors

On Saturday, October 6th I had the pleasure of joining in on the Philly ALS Walk. I joined the walk in honor of my nephew Brian (pictured above with his family and a small portion of his supporters.) It was … Continue reading

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The Seeburg Diner Table Jukebox Remote Halloween Costume

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but hopefully Tina will clear that up in a comment to this post. Maybe she had vending machines on the brain and eventually wended her way to jukeboxes. The idea emerged; some … Continue reading

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Genesis of The Seeburg Jukebox Costume

So Halloween was fast approaching and Tina and I started to kick around costume ideas for our son. What to do? What to do? In 2007, he was a bunch of grapes which was a great costume. It was Tina’s … Continue reading

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