The Worm-Mobile

Having talked to my brother Charles, I knew all about the contraption that he converted from an electric scooter for his son Brian’s use, but on Saturday during the Philly ALS Walk, I got to witness The Worm-Mobile in all of its glory.

Using his mechanical genius, Charles concocted this conveyance from a second-hand electric scooter/wheelchair. Being that his son Brian (a.k.a. Worm) is a bit of a wild man, a standard wheelchair just would not do so Charles tricked it out into a rolling bar stool. As a finishing touch which I found touching, Charles added a bicycle horn that used to be our Dad’s when he was tearing apart and building his own bicycles.

See the fabulous Worm-Mobile in action at the Philly ALS Walk:

But wait, there’s more!

Charles realized that wrestling the Worm-Mobile in and out of a car or truck was not going to be an easy task so he put together an electric winch to easily get the mechanical bar stool in and out of Brian’s vehicle.

Charles designed the Worm-Mobile to be easily broken down and reassembled. The same goes for the winch. Anybody could easily deploy the amazing motorized bar stool and Brian is on his way!


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3 Responses to The Worm-Mobile

  1. Charles L Williams says:

    Thanks for the head rub the next project for Brian is a ATV wheel chair to run in the woods. Stay tuned for updates.


  2. Joe Williams says:

    I’m looking forward to that one!

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