Sunday Matinee – Telephone Tutorial

Mrs. Crankipants
Hello dear readers, it’s Mrs Crankipants. Today’s topic is the rotary phone, an invention once considered the wave of the future in a simpler time, back before the touch tone models, texting, video chats, the capability of sending tragically ill-advised photos of one self, lawn darts and Jello 1-2-3!

Sadly these technological silver linings come with a few clouds. The wondrous ability to avoid people has put an end to the simple joys of prank calling:

Is your refrigerator running?

Why yes it is.

You better go catch it!


By the mid-fifties, switchboards were out, and self dialed phones were in. This instructional video was aimed at yesteryear’s technophobes. It includes helpful advice such as what a dial tone sounds like, and how to twirl a dial. Watching this makes me a bit nostalgic for the sound the dial makes. * sniffs, unwraps a butterscotch candy *

Fast forward to 2011, it’s more than likely that a fifth grader has no clue how to use a rotary dial either. Suddenly this video is back in vogue! Round up the kiddies and take a look, it will prove to be a useful skill when visiting Aunt Irma.

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