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Everyone You Know Needs Christmas Cards. Of course, if everyone you know doesn’t celebrate Christmas, think of all of the fun they’re going to miss out on! The tree! The lights! The decorations! Nat King Cole! Work that angle, kid! You want that 50 to 200 scoots, don’t you? You call yourself a salesman? Well, sell, kid, SELL! Figure the angle! Remember A-B-C! Always Be Closing!

This is another one of those ads that probably ran for years judging from the style of the clipart used. This particular instance of this advertisement was from a well-worn copy of Adventure Comics No. 396 featuring Supergirl and was published in 1970. One of my older brothers or sisters probably bought it back then, and it ended up in my collection. I remember not being all that aware of Supergirl being that she didn’t have a TV presence like her better known cousin. The comic contained two stories which had a vaguely Twilight Zone bent where the heroine is matching wits with weird old wizards or in a deserted Smallville with no memory of how she got there. My 8 year old mind grew impatient with that. If she could fly and had super strength, I wanted to see her flying and punching the crap out of bad guys! This is what probably put me firmly in the Marvel camp when I started to buy my own comics with my hard-earned quarters. Strangely enough, I had the same beef with the Supergirl movie when it came out in the ’80s. There was a bunch of magic mumbo-jumbo with Faye Dunaway as a witch and very little super-doings! I wondered if all of the Supergirl comics were like this. If it was called Adventure Comics, how about a little adventure?

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