How Much is That Doggie in the Coffin?

Dracula's Dog

This is another panel from the VCI home video brochure from the dawn of the home video revolution. Back then VCRs were thought of as devices to tape the game or show so that it could be watched later. The idea of owning pre-recorded movies on tape was an odd one and the major studios didn’t get behind it. Smaller distributors jumped in early with a collection of schlock which is what this brochure was pushing.

Dracula’s Dog was also known as Zoltan: Hound of Dracula and it came out in 1978. It featured Reggie Nalder who was in the notorious Mark of the Devil and played a fantastic Nosferatu knock-off in the made-for-television Salem’s Lot. I may have seen roughly 20 minutes of Dracula’s Dog before I found something better to do. I’ll have to give it another try if it turns up on Netflix’s streaming service.

I’ve never seen Legend of the Wolf Woman. I wonder if blonde werewolves have more fun.

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