Mrs. Crankipants Ponders: Is That All There Is To A Hurricane?

Mrs. Crankipants Post Hurricane Irene®
Irene had a wet and wild time rolling through town last night, but she seems sort of demure this AM. Did she do something she regrets? Does she hate herself this morning? Is she like a lot of girls from out of town who show up in the big city looking for a good time? Sure, it’s all fun and games until you wake up with a blinding headache and your dorm-mate warns you that there’s a photo posted of you online with your skirt up around your neckline clearly showing purple panties with the wrong day of the week on them. Yes, Irene has slinked out of town. She’ll probably return home and end up at that community college near her parent’s home next semester.

On the bright side, we discovered that Pop Yer Top is an excellent drinking game! Apparently, there was a tornado warning, but all of us at Casa de Cranki were blissfully unaware.

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