Passing of a Giant

Orange iMacI never met Steve Jobs, but yesterday as I thought of him, I realized that he has had more of an impact on my career, technique and life than practically anyone else. The computer that he and his partner Steve Wozniak were cobbling together in a garage would evolve into the tool that you had to have if you intended on doing graphic design and/or art. Just before the emergence of the Macintosh, graphics and printing were a savage affair of rubber cement, dark rooms and typesetting and had been that way for at least a century. BANG! A little beige box transformed a whole industry! That beige box changed me. More so than the art teachers I had (particularly the one who taught me how to use a typositor.) More so than the craven narcissists who ask for my vote every four to six years. He was a giant out of an Ayn Rand novel who provided goods we wanted that improved our lives. He and his vision will be missed

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