A Jog Down Memory Lane

I’ve raided the old portfolio for today’s post.

Chartpak Velvet Touch LetteringWhilst on a mission to rid ourselves of some clutter that had collected in the old studio, I came across my first business card. It was made from cut-out newspaper letters because that was so terribly P-U-N-K, don’t you know?! The cut-out letters were xeroxed over and over again until the blacks were black and the whites were white. The rest of the type was good old press-type (remember that?) I went with press-type on that the other elements so that they would be more easily read. It’s also because I was really sick of cutting out newspaper letters after creating my name/logo. It was all pasted together and xeroxed onto cardstock. I cut them out by hand and I was in BUSINESS! Look, Mom, I got me a business card!

I put the picture of the business card on Facebook, and I was surprised at how many people remembered it, and of course, jokes were made about Weird Stuff and what it entailed. Kit Reeve told me that she still had the card tucked away somewhere and reminded me of the first time we worked together.

I did the cartoon for the cover using my old weapon of choice – technical pens – and Kit did the graphic design and layout of the booklet. It was a fun assignment. It was a great job for a major client, and I was glad to get it. Friends and colleagues of mine were telling me horror stories about getting the shaft by shady characters or having to chase down cheapskates trying to duck a bill for artwork. Kit was quite the contrary. She’s always been a dream to work with! The hardest part of this job was pronouncing gerontological.

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