I’ll Never Ask For Anything Ever Again As Long As I Live!

There were tons of ads in comics aimed squarely at boys, but none sent them into paroxysms of mad delirium as much as an ad for a MINI-BIKE!

Owning and riding a mini-bike was the subject of many a school yard reverie. Kids would practically drool imagining how BOSS it would be buzzing around on a sweet, sweet miniature motorcycle.

But $59?! Cleaning out the piggy bank and combining Christmas and birthday money wasn’t going to cover it. It may as well be a million dollars!

Time to work on Mom and Dad!

For the better part of a half-hour, you work on Mom. Begging, pleading, cajoling, conniving, bargaining…

I know it’s expensive, but you could combine two birthdays and a Christmas!

More begging, arguing, bartering, reasoning. You show her the ad.

Sure, I’m old enough. Look right here!

Next month, I’ll be 10-and-a-half!

Mom mulls it over and renders her decision:

Go ask your father.

That sinks it. It was all over. Case closed. There would be no appeal. You already know what Dad’s judgment would be:

You’ll break your neck on the damned thing!

Mini-bike denied!

The jerky, jerk-face kid in the ad stares back haughtily mocking your lack of a mini-bike and cool parents who would buy one for you.

The ad appeared in Two-Gun Kid No. 91 published by Marvel Comics in 1967.

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