Chicks Will Dig You!

too-cool-for-you-detIs it the mod haircut, the happening turtleneck or the aloof attitude?

dynamiteOr could it be that you pack a punch like DYNAMITE! It’s a scientific fact that the ability to cripple a man with your bare hands is the KEY to scoring with the really sexy chicks. No, not the ones at school, but like the really foxy babes that my cousin told me about. You know — the ones that go to college and rock shows and stuff!

And all it takes is a course of study that you can learn in the privacy of your own home!

KARATEIn the shortest time you  can learn the fantastic secrets of self-defense and never be afraid again! YOUR HANDS AND FEET WILL HAVE SUPER FANTASTIC POWER!!! Everyone admires and respects a karate master!

My guess is that kids probably didn’t make it all the way through the copy before they were raiding their piggy banks for the 25¢ to send off for the free colorful brochure. Of course, if you didn’t pay attention, you probably thought you were going to become the most dangerous man alive for one quarter of a dollar. Sorry, Charlie. It was just a come-on to buy a really expensive set of books that your parents would never go for. The combined cash gifts of several Christmases and birthdays would no where near cover the cost.

This ad and many like it had run in comics for years, but this particular instance ran in World’s Finest no. 222 published by DC Comics in 1974.

worlds-finest-222This issue featured the sons of Superman and Batman, and I remember seeing this comic for the first time and exclaiming, “Wait! What?” I was used to the Adam West Batman series and Filmation’s DC cartoons that were still bouncing around the airwaves in reruns. When did these super-heroes have kids? Who were their wives? What gives? The story is self-contained, but they never really explain how we arrived here. It was sort of like, “It takes place way in the future. Batman and Superman have kids — sort of teen versions of themselves. Trust us.” Stuff like this is why I ended up in the Marvel camp.


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  1. Old NFO says:

    LOL… sigh And people ‘believed’ that…

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    Comics were for kids and I think these “too good to be true” lessons that these cheezy ads offered were important. They were the getting of wisdom.

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