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Halloween 2014

Continuing our vending machine theme, this year we’re going with a photo booth. Happy Halloween!!!

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Child of the Corn

Yes, I know I’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of the Children of the Corn joke, but it’s almost Halloween and photographer John Capewell used this field of corn as a backdrop for a number of his photographs.

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Halloween Roundup

Two more days until Halloween and we’re working on this year’s costume. The big reveal is on Friday – so stay tuned!!! More behind the cut. 

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The Photo Elective – Gloucester City, NJ

Back when I was majoring in illustration at the art school formerly known as The Philadelphia College of Art, we were required to take a photography elective. We shot black and white film; developed the negatives and made prints. The … Continue reading

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Yeast Rolls

The best part about making a pot roast is being able to serve it again for dinner two nights later. I get out of cooking, freeing up time to make yeast rolls on a weeknight.  These rolls are soft and … Continue reading

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A fifty cent mask we found on 9th Street this morning.

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Halloween – It’s Right Around the Corner!

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Majestic Nature

John Capewell had traveled up to Niagara Falls a number of times in a number of seasons, and he usually had his camera in tow. I’ve never been to the falls myself, but I’m guessing that this is in that … Continue reading

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Sewing A Pinched Pleat Curtain

Recently, I found myself in need of a pinch pleat curtain. Now, I’m no Elsie de Wolfe – any curtains I’ve made in the past for my house have been simple panels. I suppose I could have just gone out … Continue reading

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PCA – The Class of ’68 – Motion Picture

A few weeks ago, Tony Visco handed me a blast from our Alma mater’s past — The Philadelphia College of Art’s yearbook from 1968!This collection of film makers had special significance to me because I recognized one of the graduates … Continue reading

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Apple Pumpkin Crumb Cake

I made this cake over the weekend for my groom! The pumpkin puree with the addition of shredded apple makes this cake incredibly moist, and who doesn’t love a crumb topping? 

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It is Tina’s and my tradition to exchange cards we’ve made ourselves for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries rather than add to the pile of clutter exchanging gifts to be forgotten. My wife is not really the Kay Jeweler type, and … Continue reading

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 Eighteen years ago, I walked two blocks to a church in the pouring rain under a gigantic golf umbrella to marry the man of my dreams. I’m lucky to have met a man who “gets” me. He champions my work, will eat anything … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number Sixty Nine

Sixty ninth in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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