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Halloween 2014

Continuing our vending machine theme, this year we’re going with a photo booth. Happy Halloween!!!

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Child of the Corn

Yes, I know I’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of the Children of the Corn joke, but it’s almost Halloween and photographer John Capewell used this field of corn as a backdrop for a number of his photographs.

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Halloween Roundup

Two more days until Halloween and we’re working on this year’s costume. The big reveal is on Friday – so stay tuned!!! More behind the cut. 

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The Photo Elective – Gloucester City, NJ

Back when I was majoring in illustration at the art school formerly known as The Philadelphia College of Art, we were required to take a photography elective. We shot black and white film; developed the negatives and made prints. The … Continue reading

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Yeast Rolls

The best part about making a pot roast is being able to serve it again for dinner two nights later. I get out of cooking, freeing up time to make yeast rolls on a weeknight.  These rolls are soft and … Continue reading

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A fifty cent mask we found on 9th Street this morning.

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Halloween – It’s Right Around the Corner!

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