The Boot & Saddle Sign RESTORED!

If you’ve driven, biked, walked or crawled along South Broad Street near the Ellsworth subway stop in Philadelphia over the past several decades, you’ve probably seen this sign:
Boot and Saddle BarThe bar was vacant for years, but it’s recently been refurbished and is seeing new life as a bar and music venue under the same name. There were promises of restoring the sign, but the weathered original remained. It was still impressive, but it had seen some better days.


New Boot & Saddle SignI don’t know when this happened. I pass it every weekday as I head to work, but either I wasn’t paying strict attention or this refurbished sign was installed on Saturday, June the sixth. If that’s the case, these guys work fast!

Boot and Saddle Sign at nightI went back after dark to see if the sign was lit. Not yet, I’m afraid, but stay tuned. I will be back with my trusty camera!

Read more about the fabulous Boot & Saddle Bar here and here and make sure you check out the comments. Former patrons and employees chime in with some fascinating anecdotes.

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2 Responses to The Boot & Saddle Sign RESTORED!

  1. Old NFO says:

    One wonders how true to the original it will be?

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    I think they were fairly faithful to the original.

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