Where’s My Boot?!

I had just written about the beautifully restored Boot & Saddle Sign on Broad Street in South Philadelphia, and I was looking forward to it being lit up and sharing a shot on the site when this happened!The Boot & Saddle Bar with no signHey, what gives?!

I was walking to work this morning not paying attention, and before I descended the steps to the subway, I happened to look back and noticed something strange was going on. Something was not right. I walked back.

Boot-saddle-NO-sign-2Where’s the boot?!

Now, I somehow missed the restoration process of this gorgeous sign, and I almost missed the sign’s disappearance. I did notice that not all of the neon was done, and maybe it had to be taken down in order to work on the lights and wiring, but I thought that would be done before a ponderously large sign would be hoisted into place and attached to the building’s facade.

sawn-offMy fear is that the city’s license and inspection department may have something to do with the beloved boot’s absence. I really hope not. If the gigantic neon footwear was tossed into that bureaucratic machinery, the machine certainly won’t be sabotaged, but we may never see this wondrous part of South Broad again! Let’s all hope that it’s just a temporary leave for the sign, and I’ll soon be able to share the glory of a glowing shoe and saddle soon! I’ll be keeping my eye open and camera out!

Stay tuned!

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