Flash in the Pan

butcher shop

Pink Zeppelin ponders dinner in my developing Atomic Warrior comic.

More sketching and watching trash. This time thanks to the fantastic Plex App on my Roku box I am catching up on episodes of The Flash. I mainly thought of Plex as a means of streaming one’s own media, but it has a selection of channels where you can watch  the latest television shows without commercials and absolutely free of charge. Eat that, Hulu!

The Plex channel portal

Anyway, I’m sketching while the adventures of the scarlet speedster play in the background. It’s a shame really. The Flash was one of the shows I would hunker down on the couch and actually watch. It was light and fun and an antidote to the terribly dreary movies being churned out from DC Comics’ stable of characters such as the terrible Man of Steel and the misguided Batman VS Superman. Warner Brothers seemed to do television so well despite their poor movies. Well, that seemed to change with the third season of The Flash. It’s a mess. Too many time travel gimmicks; too many speedsters and a busload of Canadians packing an uninteresting ensemble have made a fun show sort of tedious. I tuned in to watch The Flash — not his entourage of annoying little helpers.

Playing around with lighting ideas in this sketch.

At least I’m getting some drawing done.


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