Another Heaven Sent Sketchbook?

Last year I had the good fortune of receiving a Christmas present of a cheap and cheap looking sketchbook that looked like nothing more than an overly large scratch pad to be kept by the telephone for jotting down numbers. As it turned out, it became one of my all time favorite sketchbooks. I kept close at hand and was doodling in it constantly. I was happy with the sketches I was producing and delighted in the goofy ideas that bubbled up from it’s pages. I called it The Sketchbook from Heaven.

Sadly it wasn’t to last. I quickly burned through it’s pages and a replacement was not to be had from the big-box retailer that sold it. A reply to an email to the manufacturer informed me that it was a seasonal stocking stuffer meant for children. It was a one-and-done never to be seen again.

Tis the season.

My sharp-eyed wife spied these sketchbooks while doing her Christmas shopping. They are the same size and come from the same manufacturer as The Sketchbook from Heaven, but rather than a blank cover, this one is covered with graphics meant to entice the kiddies. That doesn’t bother me. The size is perfect, and the paper feels the same as last year’s. This may be Heaven sent.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Tina says:

    OMG, I didn’t realize there was a price tag on there!

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